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It’s brought to you by Simon Fletcher. Simon’s experience includes:

Chief of staff to the first elected mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, 2000-08. Campaign Director, Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader, 2015. Chief of staff to Jeremy Corbyn and Director of Campaigns. Trade Union Liaison Manager for Ed Miliband 2013-15. Director of Campaigns and Research, London Labour general election campaign, 2010. Campaign Director, Richard Leonard for Scottish Labour leader, 2017. Adviser to Keir Starmer 2020-21.

You can read some of his recent comment on Labour politics here and here.

Simon’s Substack will contain writing: analysis and opinion utilising his experience on the left. It will carry interviews and occasionally include commentary from others. Since this Substack aims to discuss a range of left political subjects and wider issues, contributions will not be limited to Labour party figures and may include those who don’t support the Labour Party.

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Simon Fletcher

Politics: campaigner, political manager, adviser || Chief of staff to the Mayor of London 2000-2008 || Director of winning leadership campaigns - Jeremy Corbyn 2015, Richard Leonard 2017 || Adviser in the office of three Labour leaders @fletchersimon